Automount For Mac

f you have multiple hard drives connected to your Mac, or maybe you have multiple partitions on a single hard drive, by default, OS-X will mount all those volumes at boot time.

There's a bit of confusion here. Mount reads /etc/fstab, and is used for things that should be mounted when the system boots. Automount reads /etc/automaster, and is used to mount things only when the directory is used, and not before.It's typically used for things like NFS home directories, which should only be mounted when the user actually needs them. Automount NFS share in Linux using autofs. By Pradeep Kumar Updated February 11, 2020. Autofs is a service in Linux like operating system which automatically mounts the file system and remote shares when it is accessed. Main advantage of autofs is that you don’t need to mount file system at all time, file system is only mounted when it is.

Automount for mac mojave

Automount For Mac Os

In case you don’t want this to happen, and instead mount one only on-demand, when needed, maybe with Disk Utility, here is what you need to do.

Automount Macos Catalina

Start by opening the Disk Utility app in your /Applications/Utilities folder. Select the drive or partition you don’t want to have auto mounted and click the info button. Now copy the Universal Unique Identifier string and open the terminal, edit or create the /etc/fstab file and insert the following statement, replacing the UUID with yours of course: