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There are lots of good photography apps for your iPhone, but Spectre is a cut above. No wonder it won Apple's iPhone App of the Year for 2019. Made by the same people who create the awesome Halide. The Cisdem iPhoneCleaner for Mac is again one of the best iPhone cleaner Apps of 2020 to search and remove spam from your iOS gadgets. This cleaner helps you to perform a complete sweep to seek out and eliminate temporary files, as well as other documents that are.

Going to the cinemas to watch the latest movies is too mainstream these days. Laying on the bed and watching your favourite cult-classic is the best way to spend a cosy weekend. To get a high-quality streaming, you might be thinking that you have to pay a fortune. But, what if you can get it for free?

We all like freebies and that’s why we are coming up with a list of best movie apps for Mac & iPhone, which purveys all your favourite Movies, TV Series, Shows and much more right on your Mac and iPhone.

Best Free Movie Apps For Mac & iPhone

Start Streaming Movies & Videos on your Mac & iPhone!

1. Viewster

Viewster tops our list as the most favorite free movie apps for iPhone. It proffers free streaming of lot of series over the web without any requirement of installation of any software. Viewster is ad-supported free movie streaming platform, it operates through the revenue generated by these ads. The best part of Viewster is that it provides streaming of your favourite movies instantly without asking for annoying registrations prior to access.

Viewster also features their original titles in different genre like Anime, Drama, Thrillers, Horror and more. It is much preferred by Anime lovers due to its extensive collection of Anime classics.

You can get Viewster for iPhone here.

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2. Popcornflix

Movies on Popcornflix are distributed by Screen Media Ventures, LLC, that is a paramount of motion picture distributors. In terms of diversity, Popcornflix is one the best free movie apps for Mac with widest range of movies.

The developers of Popcornflix claim that they created this app for the movie lovers who want “Great movies for free”. Popcornflix is loaded with 2000+ movies that soothe you in all sort of moods. The interface is well designed to stream movies responsively in just two clicks on all platforms like Mac, iPad or iPhone.

To get Popcornflix for iPhone click here.

3. Crackle

Sony Crackle by Sony Pictures Television, is the most refined as one of the best movie app for Mac and iPhone. Crackle offers uncut and full-length movies and you can also watch originals such as Snatch, The Oath and SuperMansion by Sony crackle which you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You can create your own playlist, to watch your favorites anytime you want.

Enjoy unlimited genres, unlimited content, and unlimited entertainment at one stop- Crackle!

And the greatest thing of all- It’s totally FREEEEE!

Click here to get Crackle for your iPhone.

Watch unlimited content on its browser-based site for Mac users.

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4. Snagfilms

With more than 5000+ movies, TV Shows and Documentaries, Snagfilms becomes the most adored amongst the list of best movie apps for iPhone. You can even watch hardest to find movies over Snagfilms. One of the most prominent features of using Snagfilms is its screen mirroring enabled, which allows you to watch a movie over different screens. Interactive interface would allow you to easily search and sort for movies you like based on reviews, ratings and genres. Viewer can get synopsis and other information prior to watching just by placing the cursor on the icon of movie/show etc.

Out of blue, the app also features international foreign films and much more!

Click here to get Snagfilms for your iPhone.

5. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a platform that allows you to stream over 100 live channels and more than 1000 movies online absolutely for free. There are a lot of big names you can find on Pluto TV such as CBS, Bloomberg, CNET, Paramount and many more. And the best: No Registrations, no Subscriptions to access the services!

Add bookmarks to your favorite channels, create a customized library and switch through variety of channels whenever you like. To add on, the app is highly compatible with devices such as Android TV, Google Nexus Player, Chromecast TV, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV (4th Generation).

The app is also awarded as the best movie app for iPhone.

You can download Pluto TV here! Get Pluto TV for Mac here!

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6. Vimeo

Apart from being a video-sharing platform, Vimeo is well-known for its community of content creators. Most of the filmmakers upload their experimental films on Vimeo. It is an ad-free platform, where you can stream movies with high-quality content on your Mac or iPhone from renowned filmmakers. You can also subscribe to your favorite channels & other prominent video enthusiasts, so that you never miss an update from them. The app is integrated with (FCP) Final Cut Pro to ease user’s work for making a video or film and then pushing it to Vimeo.

Don’t have time to watch? No problem, you can download videos on your Mac for later! Read the step by step process here!

Get Vimeo for your iPhone to start streaming today.

Install Vimeo for your Mac right here!

We hope the services listed above will not disappoint your valuable movie buffs. Do let us know your favorite free movie apps for Mac and iPhone, in the comment section below.

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How many times has it happened to you that you have forgot the login details of a particular site? We log into various sites in our day to day lives and often create random passwords for them. But if we lose touch with the website, then we often forget what passwords we had created for the sites. Some people use their birthdays or phone numbers as passwords too. It is these accounts that can be easily hacked into. If you are under the impression that using one tough password for all your accounts will keep you safe, then buddy, you are so so wrong… Once your password falls into someone’s hands, all your accounts will get hacked! The best way to get rid of such risks is to go for the Best Free Password apps for iPhone.

We have compiled a list of 12 best free password apps for iPhone for you guys. These will help you keep track of all your passwords and things become more organised. So, no more wrong password lockouts or falling in risks of getting your account hacked.

You can now save all your passwords in one place using Password managers Apps.


1. 1Password: Free Password manager app for iPhone

With AES 256-encryption and touch-ID unlocking technique, the 1 Password is one of the best free password apps for iPhones. Its complex password generator allows you to create tough-to-crack passwords. It also supports Apple watch and you can also use it as a desktop application. You can sync it with your iPad too.

2. Sticky Password:

Well-known for its easy to use interface and smooth biometric authentication, the Sticky Password is one of the coolest password managers in the market. It has both desktops as well as mobile versions. It also allows an encrypted online backup database for people who tend to lose their devices more often. The paid version permits Wi-Fi syncing across multiple devices.


3. LastPass 4.0:

With a stunning user interface, the LastPass version 4 is compatible with multiple desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac, or Linux), multiple smartphones OS (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry), or multiple tablets operating systems (Android, iOS, or Windows). You just have to remember one master password to get access to all other saved passwords in the app.

4. msecure:

The customizable and free password app for iPhone uses Blowfish’s 256-bit encryption and touch ID access to secure your passwords. It has over a dozen of pre-made templates which can be used to save your login credentials just the way you want. You can also use tags and notes as per your convenience.

5. LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium:

This password manager can be used to sync your passwords with Windows, Android, and Mac products. Very soon it is also going to launch an iPhone compatible version. This free password manager is completely free of cost. There is absolutely no limit on the number of passwords and devices that you can use.

6. Password Wallet:

This can easily be listed among the best free password apps for iPhones. ‘Are password managers safe?’…If this question is troubling you then Password wallet can assure you that it is safer to save passwords in it than anywhere else. With a Blowfish 448-bit encryption to enable faster block ciphering, Password wallet also allows the user to create multiple wallets. As a result, you can easily sort your passwords folder wise; different ones for credit cards, social media sites etc.

7. KeePass:

One of the best password managers for iPhone 6 is KeePass which is an open source free password manager. It is compatible with Windows, Linux as well as iOS devices. It has three distinct methods of authentication; master password, key file, and Windows user account. Unlike other password managers, KeePass does not integrate with your browser to get hold of the passwords and login details. You have to create each input manually.

8. Keeper:

This AES 256-bit encrypted password manager with TRUSTe and SOC-2 certification is one of the most organized and easy to use password managers for iPhones. It uses touch ID to allow access to the password storage unit. You can also opt for a multi-authentication access in which additional inputs from your Apple watch will be needed to get into the vault. If you subscribe for the application then you can sync it to multiple devices too.

9. Symantec Norton Identity Safe:

Yet another top contender in the list of best free password apps for iPhones is the Symantec Norton Identity Safe password manager. You can sync your stored passwords with various Windows, iOS, or Android devices. It supports touch ID authentication in iOS devices and supports credit card capture and autofill in Android and iOS editions.

10. Enpass:

This application has got numerous templates for you to save all kinds of confidential information in a very sorted way. The AES 256-bit encryption and touch ID authentication ensures that no one apart from you can have access to your sensitive information. Its compatibility with Apple watch ensures you can get your passwords from your smartwatch.

11. Dashlane:

This free password manager app for iPhone also works on other operating systems like Windows and Linux. It allows the user to save credit card details, passport details, site login credentials etc. with ease and also auto fills Web-forms with personal information. It has got a premium version which allows you to sync your details with other devices.

12. 1U Password Manager:

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iOS users swear on this password manager application. You can manage your password through the desktop application version but you need biometric authentication through your mobile. The advanced facial recognition biometrics of the application makes it a highly secure password manager.

Note: Currently this software website is not working or maybe they discontinue their service

While most of the above-mentioned best password managers for iPhone are free, some of them are paid ones. But we assure you that they are worth every penny. Security of your information matter more than spending a few bucks.

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Do mention in the comment if you want us to add any other password manager to our list.