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SanDisk SD cards are extremely popular storage devices that are used with all kinds of digital cameras and mobile devices. Losing your valuable images or videos from a card can be a big problem. Disk Drill offers efficient and effective SanDisk SD card recovery software with versions available for both Windows and Mac users. CardRescue is one of the top SD card recovery software especially designed and optimized for Mac computer. It can be used to recover lost photos from SD card, SDHC/SDXC card, CF card, and microSD Card. Almost all SD card brands are supported including. Free Mac SD Card Data Recovery can effectively recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted files from various memory cards. It supports almost all memory card.

My SanDisk SD card got damaged and all my data is lost. Can I get it back by any means? --- from a Quora user
Many SanDisk users feedback this problem, they encountered the data loss when using SanDisk SD card and thought it is difficult to perform SanDisk memory card recovery. Many factors can lead to the loss of data in memory card. Accidentally formatted, virus infected, memory card crashed, etc. all will make your data not be found. If you have these problems, the best method to recover lost data from SanDisk memory card is what you need.

Part 1. Recover SanDisk Memory Card on Mac with Data Recovery Software

If you lost your photos and any file type during transferring the files, or accidentally deleted files from your card or even after formatting your card data, you probably will be pissed off and the good question is if there's any tool that it might help you. Well, yes, there is Recoverit (IS) for Mac that helps you recover deleted photos from the SanDisk card.

The fabulous program offers flexible recovery settings and full preview ability of found files. With this feature, you can check your lost data. You can even pause or stop scanning whenever you want, as well as save the recent scanning result for future use. After the scan, you will be able to find your lost files with file names because the data will be displayed with original file structures and names. You can recover all your lost videos if they are not overwritten or damaged.

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos from SanDisk Memory Card on Mac

With the Recoverit (IS) for Mac, you can get your files back just like they were before the loss. All you need to do is install this SanDisk memory card recovery software on your mac (El Capitan, macOS Sierr and macOS High Sierr included) and then plug-in the SanDisk memory card that held your files. The software will let you see the files available on the drive that are possible to recover. You can pick those that interest you and proceed with the actual recovery, which only takes a couple of minutes. During the SanDisk data recovery process, ensure that your mac remains powered, and your card stays intact. Now follow the steps below to get back your lost files. (Get More Card Recovery Solutions)

Step 1. Choose Data Types

Insert your SanDisk memory card on your Mac and activate Recoverit (IS) for Mac after installing it in your computer. Now you will need to specify the type of file that you intend to retrieve. If you are unsure, go with the All File Types option and the recovery software will go through every available file and restore it. This option will take longer than when you pick a particular file type, but in either case, you will have your lost files back. Then click on the 'Next' button.

Step 2. Select your Memory Card

Choose your SanDisk memory card that inserted on your Mac. Click the 'Start' button to let the program starts scanning the chosen data types on your memory card.

Step 3. Retrieve Image/Audio/Video from SanDisk Memory Card

Choose the file you want to restore and click the 'Recover' button. Specify a folder to save the file to be recovered and click 'OK' to begin retrieve images/audio/video/documents on SanDisk memory card. Note that the recoverable files can't not be saved back to your memory card immediately in case that the lost file will be overwritten permanently.

If you don't find your wanted data on the result window, don't worry, Recoverit (IS) provide you with the 'Deep Scan' mode. It will look deep into your memory card and find more results for you.

Video Guide of Recovering Data from SanDisk Memory Card on Mac

Watch the video to learn how to recover SanDisk memory card lost files on Mac with Recoverit (IS) for Mac.

Part 2. Recover Lost Files from SanDisk Card on Windows (Windows 10 Compatible)

The Recoverit (IS) works well even for lost file recovery by clicking 'Shift and Delete', data cleared from Recycle Bin as well as formatted data. In order to recover your raw file, Data Recovery for Windows scans your device deeply to get the raw file, but using this mode will not display names and the path of those files.

If you need to continue the work later, you are able to save your scan results to perform data recovery later. Basically, the program scans your device and finds all the data that it could recover. After the work is done, you can save it on your computer or other place directly. All well-known memory cards are compatible for using Recoverit (IS) for Windows, like SanDisk card.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files from SanDisk Memory Card on Windows

Your photos, videos and other files from the SanDisk card can be recovered with Recoverit (IS) on Windows operating systems by following the steps below:

Step 1. Connect Your SanDisk Card with the Windows Computer

After you connected the card, run the software on your Windows system. You can easily recover your files by using the 'Quick Scan' in a very intuitive way. You will be prompted to answer at which type of files you need to recover and where you loosed the files.

Step 2. Scan Your SanDisk Memory Card

Select your memory card and then click the 'Start' button to start searching for the lost data. Wait until the scanning process is complete.

Step 3. SanDisk Memory Card Data Recovery

Once the files are found, you will see them in a list. Check the boxes in front of a folder or file and then click the 'Recover' button. Choose the desired folder to save your photos and then click the 'OK' button to restore lost photos from your SanDisk card.

Part 3. Tips for SanDisk Memory Card Data Recovery

1. The reason why lost data on SanDisk memory card can be recovered is that they'll just be marked as inaccessibly data. You can easily get them back before overwritten.

2. Once files stored on your SanDisk memory card are lost, you'd better stop using it immediately to avoid data overwritten and increase the possibility of recovering lost data.

3. To prevent important data like videos and photos from being lost, you're highly recommended to backup them on your Mac.

Cf Card Recovery Mac


4. Recoverit (IS) for Mac software works with all storage sizes. Most people have cards that can store at least 2 GB of files and the software will let you get back your photos, documents, music and software from the card irrespective of its storage size.

Card Data Recovery For Mac

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If you want to recover data from a corrupted or formatted SD card, you really need a good SD card recovery software for Mac.

Actually, your deleted or erased files still exist in the original storage place of the SD card as an “invisible” state. The SD card data recovery software can help you find and recover those “invisible” files without data overwritten. Just read and check.

    Guide List

1. The Cause of SD Card Data Loss on Mac

To start with, you need to figure out the real cause of losing data on the SD card. If there is something wrong with your SD card, you had better replace it with a new one immediately.

As a result, you can avoid the same mistake to protect the security of your SD card data effectively.

  1. Delete files from SD card accidentally.
  2. Format SD card.
  3. SD card is corrupted or inaccessible.
  4. Virus or malware infection.
  5. Power failure.
  6. Bad sectors in SD card.
  7. Insert or remove SD card improperly.
  8. File system corruption.
  9. Physical damages.
  10. SD cards in poor quality.

Note: Once you save new files into the SD memory card, the previously deleted files will be overwritten permanently. Thus, you need to take out the SD card from the device before performing SD card recovery on Mac.

2. Best SD Card Recovery Software for Mac

FoneLab Data Retriever is the safe and reliable SD card recovery software for Mac you are looking for. You can recover all kinds of media files from your SD card on Mac selectively and quickly. To be more specific, the Mac SD card recovery software can extract all existing and deleted data from SD card.

Later, you can browse and select which file to recover with ease.

The Quick Scan and Deep Scan modes can help you find all possible results in a short time. Well, it does not matter why your data disappeared on SD card. The SD card recovery software for Mac allows users to recover data from the formatted partition and other crashed problems directly. Just make sure Mac can detect your SD card.

FoneLab Data Retriever

FoneLab Data Retriever - recover the lost/deleted data from computer, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera and more.

  • Recover photos, videos, documents and more data with ease.
  • Preview data before recovery.
  • Recover data from device, iCloud and iTunes.

Tips: You can learn how to fix the disk inserted is not readable or SD card is read-only.

  1. Recover photos, videos, music, documents and many other files from SD card selectively.
  2. Search recoverable data from your corrupted or formatted SD card via Quick Scan and Deep Scan modes.
  3. Preview your deleted or existing data on SD card with the detailed information.
  4. The Mac SD card recovery software works with Mac 10.7 and above (macOS Mojave included).

3. How to Recover Deleted or Lost Data from Your SD Card on Mac

Insert the SD card into Mac

Free download, install and launch SD card recovery for Mac software. You can click Start under Mac Data Recovery to enter into its main interface. Then plug the SD card into the Mac SD card slot.

Select data type and SD card to scan

You can choose which data type you want to recover from SD card. If you want to recover the entire SD card, you can check all file types too. Later, mark before your SD card under Removable Drives.

Scan your deleted SD card files

Free Cf Card Recovery For Mac

Click Scan on the lower right corner of the SD card recovery for Mac software. Quick Scan is the default data scanning mode. If you want to get more possible results, you can stop Quick Scan mode and start Deep Scan mode instead.

Of course, it takes more time to complete the deep scanning process.

Select SD card data

You can see all recoverable files displaying in categories. Just open one folder in the left panel to access all deleted and existing files. If you want to find the certain SD card file quickly, you can use the built-in Search engine on the top.

Cf card recovery mac

What’s more, you can click Filter to get all related files by extension, created and modified date. Click Apply to save changes and move on.

Complete SD card recovery on Mac

You can double-click any file to preview details in a new popping-up window. There is a small square box under each file.

Thus, you can mark before the file you want to recover from the SD card. At last, click Recover on the lower right corner of the SD card recovery Mac software’s window. All your recovered SD card files will be in the destination folder in minutes.

Remember not to save the recovered files to your SD card directly. You can set the destination folder on desktop or other external drives. That’s all for how to recover deleted or lost data from SD card on Mac. Even beginners can recover SD card data effortlessly thanks to its intuitive interface.

Memory Card Recovery For Mac

By the way, you can find hidden files with the SD card recovery software for Mac too. Next time you want to format your SD card, you can back up all existing and hidden files via Data Retriever with ease.

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Sd Card Recovery For Mac

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