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The MATE Compiz spin bundles MATE Desktop with Compiz Fusion. MATE Desktop is a lightweight, powerful desktop designed with productivity and performance in mind. The default windows manager is Marco which is usable for all machines and VMs. Compiz Fusion is a beautiful 3D windowing manager with Emerald and GTK+ theming. Compiz is an OpenGL compositing manager that use GLXEXTtexturefrompixmap for binding redirected top-level windows to texture objects. It has a flexible plug-in system and it is designed to run well on most graphics hardware. Okay, this description isn’t really meaningful.

Pearl Linux OS has been available for free download since 12/2014 with our first release simply titled Pearl Linux. It was based on the 14.04 released version of Ubuntu. That release was using the XFCE desktop environment. Since then we now offer the MATE, GNOME, LXDE and soon to come our own DE PDE which is a DE that revolves around the Compiz Window Manager and uses elements from LXDE and XFCE4 desktops. Since the release of Pearl OS 3.0 we are now maintaining our own repository on site. The reason I felt Pearl was needed early on was the overall exceptance from the developer communities to allow pretty much Compiz to disappear. With the Linux platform you may if you choose, to maintain your own repository that can be added to whatever Linux base you choose to build on to maintain the elements you choose to keep active. Thankfully many others felt the same as I did and Compiz these days is widely exepted.

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Compiz For Mac

These days its not that easy to find many distros still using compiz for the desktop effects. Since the start of Pearl over a year ago every release at least has the option to use compiz. When using compiz it does require a bit more of the computer power to run smoothly however I, like many others really do like at least the option to play a little. For newbies to Linux there is a word of caution I'll through out there, if playing around beyond what we setup as default beware you may end up with a computer that simply wont respond at all. For this reason we have a file in your home directory called ' Pearl-Compiz-Default-Settings'. It's very easy to regain control if you went a bit too far while playing with the more wild effects offered through the compiz window manager.


For many years now I modeled Pearl as a mix between Linux Mint / Ubuntu for the system level workings. In short Ubuntu is used as the Linux Mint backend as well but like the looks of Linux Mint...acually I love Linux Mint and their awesome developer. Now as for Ubuntu...their not ranked so high for no reason. Very stable is why they are a big part in Pearl's exisistance. Not to mention the security of the system itself is maintained by them as all derivitives from Ubuntu is. What was lacking was the look and feel of Mac OS X as the main layout as Linux Mint is more like a Windows layout. Also I liked OS X in the Snow Leopard days so I keep that option inside Pearl on all releases to acually come pretty close to what Snow Leopard was back in the day. I'm not about the FLAT look which Linux has been on that kick for some time now can't wait till their is something to replace that one day. To me some themes are so flat all windows get lost inside each other... yuck. That being said, thats why everyone will soon migrate to Linux from both Mac and Windows and that is the users choice. You can make your own Linux with the tools we provide you on all of our releases. Currently we use wasta-remastersys to create our images.

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We have a small basic user manual now available at

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Compiz For Mac

There are many versions of Pearl available for download at Follow the link below to browse the many versions currently available. Each release has all the detailed information about that release at sourceforge.