How I Delete Programs For Mac

CCleaner can uninstall programs just like the Add/Remove Programs part of Windows' Control Panel.
CCleaner is better, though, because once you've installed a lot of programs, the Add/Remove Programs applet takes a long time to start. CCleaner lets you see a list of all your programs right away.

Another reason CCleaner is better is that you can simply delete an entry in the Programs to Remove list. Why would you do this? Say you uninstalled the program before, but it didn't quite uninstall itself correctly and it's still listed as an installed program. Or say you deleted the program folder manually without running the installer.

Either way, you can delete the entry in the installed programs list. Note that deleting the entry doesn't uninstall the program. It's like taking an item off a restaurant menu - doing so doesn't delete the dish from the kitchen!

To uninstall, delete, or rename a program:

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  1. In CCleaner, click the Tools icon at left.
  2. In the Uninstall screen, select the name of the program you want to uninstall from the Programs to Remove list.
  3. Do one of the following:

How To Uninstall App On Mac

  • Click Run Uninstaller to run the program's uninstaller.
  • Click Rename Entry to give the program a new name in this list only.
  • Click Delete Entry to remove the program's uninstall entry, without uninstalling it. (This is recommended for advanced users only, for when a program has been removed but the uninstall entry remains.)

How To Uninstall A Program

To save a list of all programs to a text file, click Save to text file...See here for more information.

How Do I Delete Programs On Macbook

How i delete programs for macbook pro

How I Delete Programs For Macbook

Note: If you have a long list of installed programs, you can easily search through them for the ones you want. Click inside the Search box and type a few letters. You can search by program's name or manufacturer. For example, typing OGG will return Special OGG Converter and typing 'piri' will return all available programs on the list published by Piriform.