Mac Airport Card For Mac Pro

I tried to replace original AirPort Extreme card with another one that I bought from eBay. Both cards look very same and is BCM94360CD model. The new card’s Wifi works except when there is USB 3.0 drive connected. When I plug a usb 3.0 drive, wifi started dropping and reconnecting.


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I am using 5g channel so it shouldn’t because of usb and 2.4g signal interference. I tried another BCM94360CD card and see same issue.

Wifi and Bluetooth works except when plugging usb 3.0 drive and then wifi starts to reconnecting. I tried BCM943602CDP card and Bluetooth becomes 4.2 but wifi still has this problem. I tried Catalina install USB and the install program cannot connect to wifi with same problem. Mojave install program has same issue. I tried reset smc and nvram and doesn’t help. Bootrom firmware is the newest.

I tried Ubuntu live usb and seems doesn’t have this kind of problem. Seems like Mac OS can only work with original card but Linux can work with other cards. Really strange. Please help if you have some hints.


Is this a good question?


If you got the correct board which offers: WiFi 802.11ac / Bluetooth 4.0 (Apple P/N 661-7552) Your symptoms don't make sense!

Mac Airport Card For Mac Pro

Mac Airport Card For Mac Pro

Let's backup here I'm assuming your original board failed, maybe we are looking for a different problem.

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I need to replace old card with a new one. My new one is also BCM94360CD but doesn't work. You mentioned I should use BCM94360CD with Apple P/N 661-7552. How to know Apple P/N for one card? I cannot find such number on my card.

Lets refocus - What drove you into replacing the AirPort board in the first place?

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@danj My current card has bluetooth 4.0, which doesn't work with my Sony headphone. I tried to install BCM943602CDP. It works with my Sony headphone, but has this usb 3.0 problem. I also tried BCM94360CD bought from eBay and has usb 3.0 problem too. I guess this is an OS problem since Linux works well with my BCM043602CDP card.