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‎Covering everything you need to get started on your Mac, Mac For Beginners takes you from setting up to downloading apps and everything in-between. With an in-depth guide to the hardware and easy-to-follow tutorials on setting your Mac up and personalising your machine, you’ll be up and running in n. A Beginner’s Guide to the Mac. Posted: (3 years ago) A Beginner’s Guide to the Mac Are you new to the Mac? MacMost has more than 1,400 free tutorials that can help you get up to speed quickly. Here is a collection of videos hand-picked to help those who are using a Mac for the first time. Do you think you are using your mac properly. Hopefully here are some of the most useful macbook tips and tricks for your macbook pro, macbook air.

Right click

Click the right corner of your Apple mouse, or click with two fingers on your Apple trackpad. You can change this in Mouse preferences and Trackpad preferences.

Scroll, swipe, click

Settings for scroll direction, swipe gestures, and button assignments are also in Mouse and Trackpad preferences.

Close & resize windows

Buttons for closing, minimizing, and maximizing a window are in the upper-left corner of the window.

Change volume

Use the volume control in the menu bar, or use the volume keys on your Apple keyboard.

Find files

Use Spotlight to quickly find and open apps, documents, and other files.

Open apps

You can also use Launchpad and the Dock to open your apps (programs).

Browse for files

Looking for Windows File Explorer? Learn about the Finder.

Throw files away

Looking for the Recycle Bin? Use the Trash, which is in the Dock.

Rename files

Click the file once to select it, then press the Return key and type a new name. Press Return when done.

Preview files

Preview most files on your Mac using Quick Look. Click the file once to select it, then press Space bar.

Back up files

Time Machine keeps a copy of all your files, and it remembers how your system looked on any given day.

Change Mac settings

Looking for the Control Panel? Use System Preferences instead.

Many Mac keyboard combinations use the Command (⌘) key. Learn more keys and keyboard shortcuts.






Close window

Switch apps

Mac For Beginners Tutorial

Quit app

Forward delete

Find files

Force quit app

Tutorials For Mac Beginners

Take screenshot

Learn more

  • For more information to help you get to know your Mac, use the Help menu in the Finder menu bar.
  • What’s it called on my Mac? includes additional Windows and Mac terms.

The biggest decision a computer user has to take in his life is whether to buy/use an Apple Mac or a Windows computer.

For some, Macs are a necessity and for some, it is a symbol of prestige.

Some are in favor of spending a good amount on the device while for some, it is just another way to burn a hole in their pockets.

But despite the presumptions for Mac, it has been ruling in the hearts of many people since a long time.

At some point of the life, a Windows user definitely comes in contact with Mac Operating System.

That for sure is the turning point for him.

This turning point can be a good or a disastrous one, depending on how the person finds the device.

Mac is a very user-friendly commodity once the basics are clear.

Have you ever found yourself scratching your head after shifting to Apple Mac when the commands you put in goes wrong?

Then fear not.

Below are some articles that can come handy in such situations.

Mac User Guide For Beginners

These will not only give you the basic tutorials on how to use Mac but will also give you an idea about some of the great and useful applications of Mac.

So, sit back, fasten your seatbelts and come on a ride with us in the world of Apple Mac Computers.

Mac For Beginners Tutorial Software

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