Mac Harmony For Contouring

For contour, I use The Balm's Bahama Mama.I really like it. It's def not too dark, but it shows on my skintone. It's like $12 on Amazon. Mac blunt or harmony! NC42/mixed 2 points 5 years ago. I use the Ben Nye powders in banana and nutmeg (the nutmeg is kinda dark, so use sparingly) level 2. MAC Harmony is one of the popular blush used for contouring purpose. Traditionally, contour shades have a cooler tone to mimic shadows. Contouring involves in shading your face results in slimmed face, defined cheekbone and sharp features. When I was at MAC store, MUA applied harmony on my crease as a transition shade and it does works really well.



I say nothing! but unfortunately only a few of us have it.

But we’re lucky ’cause they invented make up and we don’t always need a facial surgery to look better!

Contouring has always been used my make up artist but what I’ve recently noticed it’s that everybody’s talking about it, and a lot of make up brands are making this job easier to everyone!

This is the chart to follow when you do your contouring but make sure you’ve blended your make up very well before you go and have a walk like this!

As you can see in the image it’s all about creating shades and illuminating the right points!

Mac Harmony For Contouring

what you need now it’s the right products and a contouring brush!

I have recently bought this amazing MAC 168 LARGE CONTOUR BRUSH (which i love!)


Let’s talk about the products :

You always have to choose a BROWN powder with COLD TONES and it DOESN’T have to be shimmering at all,

I’d rather not to go with too much shimmering on the illuminator as well cause I always want to pretend i’m a star that shine of my own light ! (ahaha)


Mac Harmony For Contouring Products

BeneFit Hoola it’s perfect for fair skin complexion

MAC Powder Blush in harmony it’s good as well and it’s a bit darker than Hoola

I’ve already been talking about this product but maybe i’ve been also telling you I don’t really like the shimmering highlighter that much (but the brown powder it’s cool! that’s why I use it and mention it)

Than here we are! this is my biggest dream since I knew it exists!

TOM FORD SHADE & ILLUMINATE ladies and gentlemen!!

Mac Harmony For Contouring

This product it’s in a creamy texture and it’s TRANSPARENT. that’s why I love it sooo much and I PROMISE I’ll fine the money to buy it !

Then here we go with other highlighters:


Mac Harmony For Contouring Before And After Photos

I’m currently using

Mac Harmony For Contouring

But you’d better not using this on your nose ’cause it’s way too irridescent !

Mac Harmony Blush For Contouring

But I wish I was using

(it sounds so cool, and expensive)

which it’s actually a Primer but works perfectly for highlighting purposes!

Mac harmony for contouring before and after

or we could also go for the most classical highlighter pen as

TOUCHE ECLAT by Yves Saint Laurent

Mac Harmony For Contouring Pen