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What's up everyone! Today I decided to make a tutorial about how you can make windows look like a mac. I'm going to show a short video.and DON'T be afraid be. WindowBlinds 7 is a third party freeware for applying Mac OS X theme and other interesting themes on XP. MSStyler Theme is not a perfect match of Mac Leopard, many of the visual features are missing, for e.g., the close, minimize and restore buttons are given on right hand side of title bar, instead of left hand side; menus and taskbar are not transparent; etc. WindowBlinds gives you almost a.

Microsoft has created a secret Windows XP theme that makes your operating system look like a Mac. lately Windows XP source code leak Microsoft has released some unpublished themes that were created during early work on the operating system and during the early XP development in 2000.

One is labeled “Candy” and includes a design very similar to Apple’s Aqua interface, first introduced at the Macworld Conference & Expo in 2000. The theme is imperfect, but the Windows XP Start button and various buttons and UI elements match Apple’s Aqua.

Microsoft has never released an Aqua theme for Windows XP and I know it was used in the initial source code of the OS. Windows developers seem to have used themes as placeholders to build the theme engine for Windows XP. The theme itself is described as “whisler skin with eye candy” and marked as “internal only”. Whistler was the code name for Windows XP.

Microsoft famously moved to the blue and green Luna theme for the final version of XP, which many people called Fisher Price-esque when the OS was first released in 2001. Windows XP’s theme engine was a major update to the OS, so I allowed a third. -Party theme and lots of customization features.


Microsoft was developing Windows XP in an era of fierce competition with Apple for the desktop operating system. In the late 2000s, Apple mocked Microsoft with a banner saying “Redmond, start the copier” at its annual developer conference. Apple also Get a Mac ad campaign It focuses on the flaws of Windows, especially Windows Vista.

In the 90s and 2000s, Windows was heavily influenced by what became the classic Mac OS and later OS X. Apple specifically borrowed some Windows features such as windows, navigation, control panel, and file and folder navigation.

Leakage is a rare insight into the early development of operating systems used by millions. We have contacted Microsoft for comments on unreleased Windows XP themes and will update accordingly.

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A recent source code leak reveals Microsoft built and tested a number of divergent themes for Windows XP, with one closely resembling Apple's legendary Aqua GUI.

Among a cache of Windows XP source code files that leaked online Friday are a variety of unused, sometimes incomplete, UI themes Microsoft created for its early 2000s operating system, reports The Verge.

One theme, dubbed 'Candy,' will be very familiar to anyone who has used a Mac running Mac OS X 10.0. A number of UI elements closely resemble or match Apple's Aqua theme, a fact perhaps most apparent in shiny, rounded window buttons designed to mimic droplets of water.

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Aqua debuted at the Macworld Conference & Expo in 2000 and made its way onto Mac a year later. The theme uses a unique combination of depth through shadows, bright colors, translucency, rounded interactive assets and textures to create the appearance of liquid or gel sitting on metal plates.

According to The Verge, 'Candy' was present in early source code for Windows XP, with developers using the skin as a placeholder as they built out the operating system's theme engine. Files refer to the theme as a 'Whistler skin with eye candy,' and are marked as 'for internal use only,' the report says. Microsoft referred to Windows XP as 'Whistler' prior to its market debut.

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The Redmond, Wash., software giant ultimately landed on a blue, green and silver theme called Luna. While it incorporated shadows and gradients to indicate depth, Luna lacked the translucency that Aqua provided, making it more akin to traditional Windows versions.

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Apple and Microsoft have for decades battled in the desktop operating system space, with each company looking to outdo the other on features, capabilities and style with every new release. As the most prominent user-facing element, themes were often viewed as a key differentiator. In recent years, however, the focus has turned to more functional aspects like reliability, security and performance.

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