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Automated window management for Mac. Main features of the software: 1. Split screen on Mac into multiple sizes and positions by 7 preset window locations 2. Draw the desired size and location for a window by grid 3. Use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly control your window positions 4. Support most apps and keep update all the time 5. Patch Manager Plus is an automated patch management software to patch Windows, Mac, Linux updates and 300+ third-party applications. Learn more about Patch Manager Plus Patch Manager Plus is an automated patch management software that provides enterprises with a single interface for all patch management tasks. The best document management software for Mac is PandaDoc. PandaDoc is perfectly compatible with various document formats, plus it can support legally binding e-signatures. The platform also offers a vast library of free templates for business documents like receipts, proposals, and invoices. Project Planning Pro is a project, task and resource management app for Mac OS X. The app’s focus is to provide an easy-to-use visualization, planning and management environment for project managers. That being said, the software offers the most needed functionality for planning and coordinating projects.

PandaDoc: No. 1 In Document Management Software

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What is the best document management software for Mac?
The best document management software for Mac is PandaDoc. PandaDoc is perfectly compatible with various document formats, plus it can support legally binding e-signatures. The platform also offers a vast library of free templates for business documents like receipts, proposals, and invoices.

We’ve all been there: unable to find the document when you need it most. As such, tasks can’t be completed, workflows are derailed, productivity takes a hit, collaboration suffers, and projects are stalled. These translate to lost time, money, and effort. You need document management software (DMS) to put a stop to document and information chaos.

With a document management system, you get a centralized location of organized information, secure access to your physical and digital content, history and audit trail, version control, support for multiple file formats, search tools and filters, document backup and recovery, and scalability.

But not all solutions have these features. That’s why we came up with this list of 12 best document management software for Mac to help fast track your research. Your choices are a mixture of cloud-hosted platforms, while some are Mac-dedicated on-premise solutions. We highlighted the key features, so it’s easy for you to compare the value propositions of each solution.

What are the 12 best document management software solutions for Mac?

Almost all the information that you and your employees access and work come in some form of a document. Did you know that it takes a professional 18 minutes just to search for a document? Adding them all up racks up to half the total time on the job. It has been found out that an average office loses one out of 20 documents and shells out $250 recreating each lost document.

While it only takes three minutes for employees to actually use the information they’ve searched, it takes them 3X longer to find, retrieve, and re-file the document. Document challenges take their toll on businesses, accounting for 21% in productivity loss. Below are the top four challenges encountered by employees when searching for information.

Most Common Challenges in Searching for Information

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Document management solutions are often included as part of collaboration tools or project management platforms. This is because DMS facilitates document creation, sharing, and organization, which is an important function when you manage projects and do collaborative work with your team.

However, there are also document management software solutions that have specialized functions such as handling PDF (a global document standard) and managing emails (a still widely used tool for document exchange). How document management software is priced also varies greatly across solutions. You’ll come across these features and other capabilities in this list of top 12 document management software for Mac.

12 Best Document Management Software for Mac

1. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a popular web-based DMS solution for creating, delivering, and sharing documents online. It facilitates fast paperless processes with its ability to work with various document formats like Docs and PDF, support for legally binding e-signatures, and management of digital documents such as contracts, quotes, and invoices.

The software is ideal for use by organizations and departments where document creation, sharing, and delivery are important daily activities. Finance, marketing, sales, legal, operations, and HR teams can utilize the solution not only for building and organizing documents but also for controlling access by role and setting security mechanisms.


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PandaDoc’s cloud platform is built to help you easily create and manage all kinds of documents. It provides a vast library of free templates for quick generation of receipts, invoices, quotes, proposals, agreements, and other types of business documents. You can customize your chosen template to use language and currency, and add corporate branding elements. Being an online solution, PandaDoc enables fast document approval with its built-in electronic signature function and supports anytime, anywhere collaboration by simply logging in and commenting on shareable files.

The software is offered in three plans – individuals, SMBs, and enterprises – starting at $15/user per month.


  1. Real-time document tracking
  2. Online document builder with a drag-and-drop editor
  3. End-to-end DMS solution that integrates with existing storage, payment, and CRM apps

2. PinPoint

PinPoint works as a document management system with advanced features that can help you organize your files and your workflow. The platform’s features also go a long way in improving communication and collaboration between users.

The software comes with a built-in Automated Robot Integration Explorer (ARIE), which makes it easier for users to locate and access the files they need. Managers can also set access levels per user or group to improve security for sensitive files. For added convenience, ARIE can also automatically file and name documents based on their content.


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In addition to ensuring file security, the software also helps you remain compliant with various data security standards. By using PinPoint, you can rest assured that your file storage system is compliant with standards such as HIPAA, ADA, FERPA, SOX, and OSHA, among others. An audit log feature helps you track system activity and provides accurate timestamps for each activity.

Aside from secure, automated document management, PinPoint also provides features for contact management. Through the platform, you can easily keep track of contacts, accounts, and campaigns. The system also lets you log appointments to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

PinPoint comes at just one paid plan, priced at $14 per month, per user. You can also contact the vendor to schedule a meeting with a dedicated project manager and receive one-on-one training for your team.


  1. Automatic naming and filing of documents through ARIE
  2. Store and edit a wide variety of file types, without leaving the software
  3. Log appointments and store contacts in the system for easier contact management

3. Backlog

Backlog is a project management platform intended for developers. As such, it is built to support collaboration, communication, and coordination among technical and non-tech teams, helping them track projects, monitor issues, and manage tasks from one place.

The software is a project, task, and bug tracker, as well as a version control tool. It offers features such as charts, graphs, and milestones for keeping tabs on tasks and issues. It lets you break down tasks into manageable subtasks and checklists and set due dates to keep projects on schedule.

Backlog’s version control feature keeps track of code changes and allows you to discuss work and organize files from one platform. You’ll be able to keep all your files in a central location, have them always updated to the latest version, add files and comments directly to tasks, and invite clients and guests to view files and collaborate on projects. Files are kept in private repositories and can be set with role-based access and security.

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Backlog is available as a cloud-hosted or on-premise solution and comes with Android and iOS apps. It offers a free plan for up to 10 users, one project, and 100 MB storage, and three paid plans that start at $20/month.


  1. Built for tracking tasks and managing files for software developers
  2. Robust version control for tracking, reporting, and updating changes
  3. Keeps all project files in a centralized workspace

4. eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet gives you one powerful yet cost-effective DMS that is deployable via cloud or on-premise and accessible from your Mac computer. The software boasts of being one of the most advanced and secure document management solutions on the market.

Best management software

It can automate and streamline capturing, organizing, securing, digitizing, tagging, and approving of files and business documents. As such, it enables you to simplify task workflows, speed up business processes, eliminate time-consuming paper works, and maximize the use of resources.

The vendor offers a comprehensive free trial to get you up to speed with the features.

This one-stop-shop DMS comes with a user-friendly interface, scalable platform, out-of-the-box security features, sophisticated business process automation, workflow designer, automation library, auto file naming/storage, and compliance and onboarding tools, among others. It provides a Zonal OCR tool that recognizes recently used files, routes them to the right recipients, and saves them to the assigned digital cabinet.

The whole process is done automatically. The software can integrate with popular CRM, accounting, and office applications and is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

Three plans are offered, priced from $15 to $55/user per month, and one with custom pricing for enterprises.


  1. Scalable DMS solution for SMBs and enterprises of whatever industry
  2. Large 5TB+ storage for enterprise requirements
  3. Workflow automation for real-time document organizing, sharing, and approvals

5. Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is a document builder software that makes it easy for you to share and create online forms, customize email alerts, and efficiently manage data. The online solution can create and gather forms from various sources and can work on a variety of systems and platforms.

The software specializes in building forms and automating workflows. It offers over 40 templates and themes so you can quickly create and customize forms for your business needs. Forms are embeddable and can be published on websites or shared publicly or privately. You can also fill forms offline with Zoho Forms’ mobile apps.

The software allows you to personalize your emails, send PDF copies of replies, or use form data to build contracts, event tickets, and other documents. You can tap the system’s smart engine and use conditional logic to trigger different actions based on responses you receive, such as assigning tasks, sending out emails, or displaying thank you pages, among others. Zoho Forms likewise enable collaborative data and document management so you can bring your team onboard to edit and review work.

The software is available in four paid plans starting at $10/month for one user.


  1. Integrates with more than half a dozen other Zoho business apps
  2. Feature-rich mobile apps for creating forms on the go
  3. Up to 20 GB file storage for the top plan and unlimited forms and reporting on all plans

6. PDFelement

PDFelement is an on-premise editing program that lets you create, organize, and secure your PDF files. It is an easy to use but powerful PDF editor that can edit and annotate PDFs quickly, create and convert PDFs from other file formats, and fill forms and sign contracts. The software is built to be as simple and customizable as possible to give you total control over your PDF content. It harnesses intelligent technology, which allows you to perform modifications and conversions without affecting the style or formatting of your documents.

PDFelement is equipped with form data extraction and automated form recognition capability, which allows you to create and edit professional-looking forms with only one click using ready-made templates. The software is offered both for Windows and Mac machines, the latter with macOS 10.14.

PDFelement is priced on a per-computer basis, starting at $99.95 for one Mac. You can easily sign up for PDFelement free trial and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment.


  1. Powerful PDF editing and OCR in over 20 languages
  2. Smooth and user-friendly text editor with integrated spell check feature
  3. Secure DMS with 256-bit AES encryption

7. Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR for Mac is a PDF management solution designed for Apple workstations. It is an all-around PDF creator, converter, compressor, and password remover wrapped up in one unified package. It is equipped with advanced optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which allows you to convert scanned PDFs into editable, searchable, and selectable documents in 27 languages. The OCR tool automatically recognizes all text, images, and elements then transforms scanned PDF files without losing quality, giving you accurate conversions.

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Scanned PDFs can be transformed into editable files like Excel, Word, HTML, and other formats. It also allows you to encrypt and decrypt files and create professional-looking PDF from your existing document. With an intuitive drag-and-drop tool, you can merge files into one PDF, make files with other formats into PDFs, set PDF file size, select the quality of PDF output, and then add a password to PDF to safeguard data. The software works on machines with macOS 10.10 or later operating systems.

The on-premise system is offered at $49.99 for a one year license for one Mac and $59.99 for a lifetime license.


  1. All-in-one PDF management tool for Mac
  2. Fast conversion speed with the ability to batch convert 200+ PDF files simultaneously
  3. Easy to use for any kind of business

8. Wrike

Leading online project management software, Wrike leverages speed, and flexibility to give you a smart and efficient document management system. It is multi-platform capable and can be used with your Mac and Windows computers. Wrike’s DMS is designed to help you quickly create, search, and use the right files and the right version to deliver projects on time. Whether you’re looking for an image, a marketing presentation, or a contract, the DMS solution can help you find the right files fast.

It is a simple to use digital asset search and management tool that starts from one thing – a task. From there, the system kicks into high gear – you can attach files from local or cloud storage, organize files and add them to your workflows, include comments on your files, and keep track of all your project documents and tasks from one location.


Try out Wrike with their free trial

Being able to manage all your files and tasks from one platform speeds up task and project completion. It gives you visibility over every stage of the project – from creating tasks, attaching files, setting deadlines, discussing details, and monitoring work progress. No more wasting time switching between tools, folders, and browser tabs just to access and search for files. You get Wrike’s integrated search, version tracking, and file management capabilities to help you find files quickly and easily.

Wrike is free for up to five users. It has three low-cost monthly subscription plans for professionals, businesses, and marketers, and a custom-priced package for enterprises.


  1. Live online document editing that supports a variety of files and formats
  2. Automatic tracking of files changes with the latest version reflected instantly
  3. Collaborative solution for discussing project tasks, managing documents, and sharing files

9. Templafy

Templafy is cloud-hosted document creation and management system designed to give you a simple to use platform that you can access anywhere from any device. Templafy is intended to solve document anarchy utilizing the latest company standards, meaning you get centralized governance to document creation workflow, document asset control, instant content delivery and distribution, and real-time document software updates. All these give you a smart way to manage, organize, and share business documents and content throughout your organization.

Templafy has a modular architecture that allows you to build the software according to the features you need. There are modules for templates and assets for document creation, for automating document management, keeping tabs on presentations, auto-deploying fonts based on user profiles, and managing email signatures, among others. Intelligent automation is applied to templates that are automatically loaded with up-to-date employee details and company details information, which speed up document creation processes.

Templafy’s pricing is by quote, based on modules and features that you need.


  1. Extendable and scalable modular platform
  2. Smart and automated document creation capability
  3. Centralized content governance and digital asset management

10. Samepage

Samepage offers an online collaboration platform that allows you and your team to share and sync files, communicate through a built-in chat tool, schedule and assign tasks, and more. It is a comprehensive collaboration solution for organizations looking to empower their teams with easily accessible centralized information and one connected workspace. Samepage can be used by educational and non-profit organizations as well as company sales and marketing units. The software lets you share pages, files, and documents with anyone, with content, always kept updated and in sync.

There are native mobile apps to help teams access the software from anywhere and on any device. Files and documents stored in popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive can all be integrated with Samepage and accessed directly from the app.

Only two plans are offered – a free one and an enterprise package that goes for $7/team member per month.


  1. Feature-laden free plan for any number of team members
  2. File management, sync, and transfer capabilities
  3. Built to organize files, people, projects, activities, and more

11. PDFfiller

PDFfiller is an easy-to-use, online PDF management solution designed to help you edit, sign, and share PDF documents. It provides an array of PDF compression and conversion features as well as tools to view and edit, and split and merge PDF files. It also gives you the ability to e-sign and protect PDF files. The software provides you a simple and straightforward solution to process PDF content. You simply upload your document from your local storage to the PDFfiller website or add documents from the web or online sites by entering the URL, then have the forms filled, signed, and sent.

You can have fillable forms created right from within the online service with its vast library of customizable forms that you can search by name or description. You’ll be able to utilize your custom email address to add documents to your account, request documents via email, and integrate the app with popular tools like Slack, Xero, and Salesforce.

Management Software For Mac

PDFfillers offers three paid plans with prices ranging from $6/month to $15/month.


  1. Extensive library of 10 million fillable forms
  2. No training or steep learning curve required
  3. Introduces and prepares you for a paperless office

12. M-Files

M-Files provides a hybrid content management platform for managing, organizing, and tracking document and information. You can use it online, on-premise, or both, giving you flexible deployment options depending on your organization’s requirements. The software brings with it several features, including version control, e-signature support, mobile optimization, document templates, permission control, offline access, and automated workflows.

M-Files is equipped with a robust search engine for easy and fast finding of documents based on names, keywords, and document type, among others. M-Files gives you the unique ability to search inside the text of documents. The tool integrates seamlessly with popular external solutions like SAP, Salesforce, and NetSuite.

Pricing for M-Files is by quote based on a custom plan crafted to meet your specific company needs.


  1. Smart platform designed to organize content based on what it is
  2. Built-in AI automatically protects and categorizes information
  3. Intelligent metadata layer brings together all disconnected data silos

The Right Document Management Software for Your Mac

So, which one among our top 12 document management software for Mac suits you best? You alone can answer that. Determine your work-use cases and business needs. Do you work with PDFs most of the time? Are you involved with creating, sending, and sharing documents? Is electronic signing and approval of documents one of your main responsibilities? The products we included in this list can address many of the document management situations that you may encounter or deal with.

Simply take stock of what you’ll be using it for and how much of the time you’ll be using it so you that you can get value for your investment. And if you’re into delivering projects, there’s even an all-around project management app with a robust document management solution built into it.

Now, if you’re looking for non-Mac specific solutions, we got you covered. You can head over to our comprehensive list of top document management systems for 2020.

In this article, we will discuss the best photo organizing software to Mac to manage digital images.

Sweet memories fade with time, but when captured in images, they stay with you forever. If you are fond of taking pictures, you must have a collection of hundreds and thousands of photos. Capturing moments is fun but organizing them can be an arduous task. However, if you have a photo management app for your Mac, things could get a lot easier. To know about some of them, read on!

Top 5 Best Photo Management Software for Mac To Organize Digital Photos

Project Management Software For Mac

Organizing photos can be fun when you have a third-party app on your Mac. We have listed some of the best photo management apps for Mac.


1. CyberLink PhotoDirector 365

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 365 is a photo management tool that not only helps you to organize your photos in a neat manner but also provides advanced editing tools. Let’s take a look at the features of the CyberLink PhotoDirector 365:

  • To manage your photos, you can categorize them with keyword tags, star ratings, smart collections, color coding, and flags.
  • The software can automatically arrange your photos on the basis of on composition, frame, time or date or you can manually organize them by simply dragging and dropping.
  • You can share both digital and hard copy photos with your friends. Moreover, you can create slideshows and upload them to YouTube.

2. Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 is a simpler and efficient way of organizing your photos on Mac.

Let’s take a look at the features of the Adobe Photoshop Elements 15:

Document Management Software For Mac

  • With Auto Curate feature, your photos are organized according to the image quality, faces, subjects, Smart Tags and more which makes searching for images easier.
  • The software suggests you use Smart tags to your photos so that you can find the photos easily later on.
  • It also allows you to fix multiple photos at a time.

3. AfterShot Pro 2

AfterShot Pro 2 helps you in organizing and viewing all your photo collection in one place making it one of the best photo Management apps for Mac. Let’s check out all the features of AfterShot Pro 2:

  • You can edit and make other changes to one or many photos at once with powerful batch processing controls.
  • The powerful search tools, star ratings, and other tools help you quickly find photos no matter what is the size of your photo collections.
  • You can easily compare, filter and select your best photos from n number of similar looking photos

4. Unbound

One of the best photo management apps for Mac, Unbound helps you efficiently manage your photos according to your needs. Let’s take a look at the features of the Unbound:

  • You can use albums to categorize your photos. With instant search, you can locate any album within a few clicks.
  • The app can play slideshows, display EXIF information and can also use GPS location data to display photos on a map.
  • Unbound can sync your albums to your iPhone, iPad or other Macs with the help of Dropbox. So that you can upload and organize your photos from any of the devices.

5. Phase One MediaPro1

Another photo organizing software in our list is “Phase One MediaPro1”. It is a good choice if you love to keep your photo collection organized and managed. Let’s go through the features of the Phase One MediaPro1:

  • It allows you to handle photos in batch whether it is editing or renaming.
  • The app allows you to convert your RAW format images to JPEG or PNG, BMP and more to make it easy to share it across.
  • It has an auto-sort feature which uses metadata annotations to sort photos.

Money Management Software For Mac

So, these are some of the best photo management software for Mac which you can use to Organize your digital photos on your Mac Computer. Try them and let us know which worked for you.

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If you have other photo organizing software in your mind that should be in the list please mention in comment section below.

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