Openvpn Client For Mac

MCECS provides OpenVPN as the prefered VPN solution for accessing protected MCECS resources (such as printers, and computers that support Remote Desktop or VNC. Once you are connected, your network traffic will be directed through PSU’s networks and it will appear that you are connected physically to PSU’s network.

This guide will show you how to connect to a VPN using the popular OpenVPN protocol and Tunnelblick app on MAC OS X. NOTE.: Place any.crt or.pem files in t. A popular proprietary cross platform OpenVPN client is Viscosity. It is reasonably priced at $9 and there is a 30 day trial for Windows and OS X. But there are many reasons beyond cost, why a user may want to use an open source client. A popular open source OpenVPN client for OS X is Tunnelblick. Once the connection between the Mac and iPhone is established, simply fire up Shimo or whatever OpenVPN client you have chosen, and establish the VPN connection.

CECS vs CECS Full Tunnel

We offer two configuration options for OpenVPN.

  • The Full Tunnel will send all of your network communication from your computer through MCECS networks. For example, if you browse to a website on the Internet, your connection will appear to originate from MCECS.
  • CECS or “Split Tunnel” configuration only sends traffic destined for MCECS resources through the VPN connection. Any traffic bound for other sites will travel through your regular Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The Full Tunnel is sometimes necessary if you are attempting to access PSU provided resources that are hosted outside of the University (such as periodical services licensed by the Library) but still require sanctioned connections to be coming from PSU’s own networks.

Step 1 – Download and install the TunnelBlick client software.

Download location:

We recommend downloading the latest stable release for your Mac. Follow the installation directions.

Step 2 – Download and install our TunnelBlick configuration files.

Download location:

Download the zip file and extract it in a folder. The TunnelBlick configuration files have an extension of .tblk.

To run TunnelBlick to provide OpenVPN access in Split Tunnel mode, double-click on CECS.tblk.


To run TunnelBlick to provide OpenVPN access in Full Tunnel mode, double-click on CECS_Full_Tunnel.tblk.

Your configuration should like this:

Openvpn Client For Mac Reddit

Openvpn Client For Mac

If you are having trouble connecting, try these things.

Openvpn Client For Macbook

  • Double check that Tunnelblick is installed and runs. You should see a tunnel-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the screen next to the spotlight magnifying glass when the program is running.
  • Make sure Tunnelblick is completely closed (by left clicking the icon and selecting “Quit Tunnelblick”) before double-clicking the .tblk file.
  • If you cannot load webpages after successfully connecting to the VPN, make sure “route all IPv4 traffic through the VPN” is checked in the settings.