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If you've decided you'd like to use a font, click on Activate Font, as highlighted below. Adobe Creative Cloud will then activate that font and make it available for you. Now, I can return to Photoshop and search for my newly activated font. With the Text Tool selected, I typed the name of my font into the Options Bar.

Stock fonts in Adobe Photoshop won’t satisfy professional designers for long. Sometimes designers wish to download and use novel and striking fonts for their outstanding designs other than pre-installed ones. However, figuring out how to add new fonts still troubles many designers. In nature, adding fonts to Photoshop means adding them to the hard drive of your computer. Thus, it just takes some simple clicks.

Below are steps to add fonts to Photoshop in detail.

Find a Font Awesome Icon Name. The Font Awesome Icons are now ready at your Photoshop as font types. Before you will be able to use an icon in your new or existing Photoshop document you need to find the icon name. Go to the 'Font Awesome Free's Cheatsheet'. Select the required font type. For the purpose of this tutorial, I selected. 50469 free fonts in 24971 families. Download free fonts for Windows and Mac. The home of free fonts since 1998. Fonts for Apple Platforms. Get the details, frameworks, and tools you need to use system fonts for Apple platforms in your apps. These typefaces offer the control and flexibility to optimally display text at a variety of sizes, in many different languages, across multiple interfaces.

Add Fonts to Photoshop on Windows

1. Download the new font to your computer

Look for a free font or purchase your favorite one. In this post, Ugo – Display Font provided for free this week on MakiPlace will be used (1 free font provided weekly). You can choose the free or paid one as long as it suits your taste.

Download and save the font. It would be the easiest to save it on your desktop. However, the font can be saved anywhere you want.

2. Extract and view the font file

Right click on the downloaded zip folder, click Extract.

Then, in the extracted folder, find the Photoshop font by navigating the file with the extensions: .otf, .ttf, .pbf, .pfm

3. Install the new font

Right-click on the font file in the extracted zip folder and choose Install. You can click and select to install more than one file at a time.

In case there is no option Install when right-clicking on the font file, you can access Control Panel to add the font to Photoshop by following these steps:

  1. Go to Start Menu, click on Control Panel
  2. Click on Appearance and Personalization
  3. Click on Fonts
  4. Right-click on the list of fonts and select Install New Font
  5. Select the fonts you want and hit OK when finishing

Add Fonts to Photoshop on macOS

1. Download the new font to your computer

Search on the Internet to find a suitable font for Mac, paid or free, or you can take a look here – a good collection of fonts.

Then click to download and save the font on your desktop or anywhere at your convenience.

2. Close all active applications

Close all active applications, especially those where you will use the font. You can begin working with them after finishing the installation.

3. View the font file in Font Book

Double click to open the downloaded zip folder, then double click on the font file which ends in .otf or .ttf to open the font in Font Book.

4. Install the new font

When the font file appears in Font Book, simply click Install Font to install. That’s all and you don’t have to worry about the rest.

Free fonts for mac

You can also manually place the font by going to your font libraries in Finder. There are 2 places that you can put the font in.

  1. /Library/Fonts/
  2. /Users/<username>/Library/Fonts/

After finding the location, just click and drag the font file into the folder.

How To Install Font Photoshop Mac


Finishing the above steps, you’re all set. Re-open the Photoshop to check and use the new font. Good luck with your project!

Arabic Font For Photoshop Mac

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