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Using Mac is so much fun, isn’t it? That Smooth interface, sleek design, and premium feel, everything is so special about it. But all the fun falls flat when you accidentally lose your photos from your mac, and it aches more when you don’t even know how to recover photos from MacBook. It is not rare and keeps happening with Mac users due to carelessness. But if you have lost all your photos from Mac and have no idea how to do photo recovery on Mac, then you already know that you are in big trouble. Because you may never get all those moments back that you captured in those photos.

Free photo recovery software mac

Photo Recovery for Mac is an powerful and useful utility which developed based on the Mac operating system for lost photos, videos, songs, audio clips and other multimedia files recovery from any Mac OS supported storage media. The Program scans the storage media, reads the lost entries of deleted, formatted files and recover the files back with innovative algorithms. Recover Photos Disappeared from Mac via Photo Library. Photo Library is the database where all photo files, thumbnails, metadata info, etc. If you find the library folder but see no photos in it, then it may get corrupted. #1 Restore iPhoto Pictures Missing after Mac Upgrade. Photo Library First Aid is the build-in feature of. Recover Lost Data on Mac Like a Pro. Do you need to recover deleted files on Mac, like critical documents, photos or videos? Are you having trouble accessing an external USB drive or camera memory card? We make data recovery for Mac OS X easy.

But there is no need to worry, we are here to watch your back when you commit such mistakes. Today we will be telling you how to recover photos from Mac once lost. So, hang on there!

Part 1. Which Factors Can Cause Photo Data Loss on Mac?

Firstly, you need know which factors can cause photo data loss on mac:

  • Physical Damage:

Your MacBook is never saved in your unworthy hands. Any physical damage such as drops, hits, water damage, extreme heat, can damage the drive head resulting in the failure of Spindle motor. Once the hard drive is damaged, forget about your photos until you do Mac photo recovery.

  • Data corruption on the hard drive:

Any kind of forced shutdown or Malware due to downloading files from unethical sources may result in difficulty to render hard drive, that can leave you with corrupted data and photos.

Recovery photos for mac os catalina
  • Manufacturing Default:

It is rare but possible that the hard drive on your Mac has a manufacturing default, that can lead to data loss on your Mac and require you to recover photos from Mac.

Part 2. There’s a Catch. The System Integrity Protection!

If you are willing to move forward for the photo recovery on Mac, and that too on the Mac OS 10.11 and later, you might require to disable the System Integrity Protection.

2.1 Go-Ahead, Let the “Why” Come Out:

Why? Because, the System Integrity protection is a high-level security feature that comes integrated into your Mac with a purpose to protect it from Malware attacks, and it is advised to not disable it. However, the feature restricts the recovery tool to access certain parts of your Mac hard drive and makes it tough to do the lost photos recovery on Mac. Thus, you require to disable it till you perform a successful recovery.

2.2 How to Disable the System Integrity Protection?

a) Restart your Mac while holding “Command+R” key to reboot into recovery mode.

b) In the Recovery mode, click the “Utilities” in the menu and select “Terminal”. You will be directed to a terminal window.

c) In the terminal, type the command “csrutil status” and press enter to check the Integrity Protection Status. If it shows enabled, move ahead.

d) To disable, enter the command “csrutil disable”. You will see the System Integrity Protection getting disabled.


e) In case you wish to enable it again later, simply return back here, and enter the command “csrutil enable”.

f) Now restart your Mac. You are good to go for Photo recovery on Mac.


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Part 3. The Easiest Way to Recover Photos on Mac. The Best Software!

Believe us there has been no easy way to do it, 3 clicks and Boom! And your lost photos on Mac are recovered. There are many ways and tools on the internet that you will find claiming to recover all the photos from your Mac. Some might be even real and many another fake. But the question remains of trust and efficiency, there is no way you can randomly put in any software and let it ruin your Mac.

The best photo recovery software for Mac right now is the Recoverit (IS) software for Mac. It provides the best efficiency for the photo recovery on Mac, it’s simple yet feature rich UI makes it stand out of all the recovery software out there.

Recoverit (IS) for Mac

Check Out the Many Features Recoverit Got

  • The Recoverit not only let you recover lost photos on Mac, but you can recover all the types of files, Zip, Doc etc.
  • Recoverit is a professional, rich, yet user-friendly software to recover photos.
  • The various recovery mode it provides works like a miracle. You can recover data lost due to any scenario.
  • It supports all the photo format, that means you can recover your lost photos on Mac no matter if they are in JPEG, RAW, TFT, PNG, or any other format.
  • The preview feature let you choose which photo to recover and which do not.
2,965,271 people have downloaded it

How to Recover Photos from MacBook? User Guide:

Step 1. Download for Mac

Go the iSkysoft official website, and download the Mac version of the software. Install it and launch.

Step 2. Choosing Drive

Once in the software, you will see the recovery mode selection page. Select a suitable recovery mode. You will be redirected to choose the drive among the listed ones. Choose the drive from which you need to recover lost photos on your Mac.

Step 3. Scanning

The programme will scan the whole drive to mine out any of the lost photos on your Mac. Wait for scanning to complete.

Step 4. Preview and Recovery

The programme will show you all the found photos on your drive, just select them and click on recover. Then, you can thank us, all your lost photos from Mac will be recovered.

Part 4. Few Other Software that You Might Try to Perform Recovery of Photos on Mac.

Disk Drill is one of the very great photo recovery software that you can use to recover photos from your Mac. It’s easy to use graphical UI lets you use the software very simple and lets you recover almost all kind of data.


  • Easy and interactive user interface. Keeps the user hooked.
  • Comes with few extra free disk tools.
  • Got a good recovery rate


  • Does not support all the Photo formats.
  • Takes time, extra time.

What makes the PhotoRec stand out of other is that it is an open source project. PhotoRec provides you feature to recover photos of your Mac through the hard disk as well as other external devices. It recovers all your data while being in Read-Only mode.


  • It is free software.
  • Supports multiple file types.


  • Complicated interface.
  • Lakes customer support.

Data rescue comes in 2 versions that are Standard and Professional. There are features that help in restricting recovering duplicate files. Data rescue lets you recover photos from Mac and other external drives.


  • It comes with a feature that detects and declines the recovery of duplicate files.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Good recovery rate.


  • Not efficient in recovering complex file formats.
  • The Duplicate file blocking feature fails sometimes.

The next photo recovery software for Mac that you can try is Softtote. This is the software that works for MacOS 10 and above. It is easy to use and lets you recover photos of different formats.


  • Comes with multiple recovery modes.
  • Easy to use.


  • Can’t recover all photo formats.
  • The recovery rate is not the best.

The Cisdem is a very versatile data recovery software for Mac, it lets you recover any type of data lost due to any reason. It got an easy 3 step recovery process.


  • Comes with 5 different recovery modes.
  • Provides a 30 days money back guarantee.


  • The user interface is quite hard to use.
  • The Photo recovery rate is not very high.

The best thing about M3 Mac Data Recovery is that it comes for free. It supports the APFS drive and many other file systems. It has 3 different recovery mode and lets you choose from them to suit your requirements.


  • It comes with a free photo recovery software for Mac edition.
  • Comes with multiple recovery modes.
  • Easy to use.


  • The photo recovery rate is not efficient.

It’s a Freeware recovery software, it lets you recover deleted files from your Mac and that too for free. You can use Lazesoft Mac data recovery software to recover data from different external devices.


  • This is fully free software for recovery on Mac.
  • Have a good photo recovery rate.


  • Does not have support for the latest OS version of Mac.

The recovery software is compatible with Mac OS version 10.5 and above. This software lets you address the data loss scenario, that makes it easier to figure out specific lost files.


  • Comes with multiple recovery modes.
  • Straight forward approach.

Recover Photos From Mac


  • Not efficient in recovering all photo formats.

Easeus is very useful Data recovery software that lets you recover photos from your Mac as well as other external devices. You can recover data lost due to any reason.


Photo Recovery Software Mac

  • Comes with a free version that lets you recover data up to 2 GB
  • Have a good recovery rate.


Recovery Photos For Mac Osx

  • Paid version is comparatively expensive.
  • Doesn’t support all photo formats.

Free Photo Recovery For Mac

Although the Mac’s are very safe and can resist any malware attack, yet you may lose your photos and end up with a need to do photo recovery on Mac. Simply follow all the steps that we showed you and you will be able to recover all your lost photos on Mac.