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When you need the plugin for it, you can enable Adobe Flash Player on your Mac's Safari browser in a few quick steps. Before you get started, however, you'll need to know what version of Safari you.

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Select the version of Safari you are using below to see the relevant instructions.


Safari 6.1 and later

In Safari 6.1 and later, you can enable or disable the Java plug-in for individual websites from the Security pane of Safari preferences. When the plug-in is installed but disabled on a website, Safari displays the disabled plug-in prompt instead of the Java content:

If you see a missing plug-in indicator instead of the disabled plug-in indicator, the Java Internet plug-in is not installed.

Safari 6 and earlier

To disable the Java web plug-in in Safari 6 or earlier, follow these steps:

  1. In Safari, choose Safari > Preferences or press Command-comma (⌘-,)
  2. Click 'Security'.
  3. Uncheck (deselect) 'Allow Java'.
  4. Close the Safari preferences window.
Unblock plugin safari mac

Safari Java Plugin For Mac Os

To re-enable Java in Safari, check 'Allow Java'.

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Unblock Plugin Safari Mac

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