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I just bought my first ever Mac (MacBook) yesterday after my Dell laptop randomly decided to crash. After just 6 hours of playing around with it, I already feel very comfortable with it and will never again buy a Windows machine.
One thing I was curious about though, is there anything on Mac that would be similar to the Windows Start menu? I don't want every single program that's installed on my Mac to be on the dock, yet I don't know if I like having to go into Macintosh HD every time I want to open something that ISN'T on the dock.

DoYourData Start Menu cracked For Mac Is a smart and comprehensive start menu/task bar. It is a start menu, similar to the start menu on Windows, but it is much more powerful than the Windows start menu. The DoYourData start menu allows you to easily access applications, frequently used functions, disk management and other tasks, garbage removal, shutdown/restart, etc. Just open your Apple Menu Items folder (it’s in your System Folder) and get ready to rock. Before you do anything else, choose View–by Name. Now the contents of the Apple Menu Items folder reflect the order in which they appear in the Apple menu. Doing the right thing with your desk accessories. Thank goodness MacOS does not have a start menu. The start menu is in the Windows rather pretentiously named ‘Task Bar’, which the Mac nicely calls the Dock. Even the words ‘task bar’ suggest that this is a machine to make you work – here are the possible tasks you.

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MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.9)

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