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Notepad Notepad is a free text editor that comes with a plugin for editing the XML files. Oxygen is a Java-based XML editor with support for XML, XSL, TXT, XSD and DTD documents. OXygen XML Editor for Mac. OXygen XML Editor for Mac. Free to try SyncRO Soft Mac Version 22.1 Full Specs.

This is a list of XML editors. Note that any text editor can edit XML, so this page only lists software programs that specialize in this task. It doesn't include text editors that merely do simple syntax coloring or expanding and collapsing of nodes.

Xml editor mac free download. XML Copy Editor XML Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating XML editor.

Desktop applications[edit]

NameLatest releaseActiveSoftware licenseTypeWindowsmacOSLinuxTextual editor?Tree view editor?Graphical editor?WYSIWYG editor?XML Schema editor?Syntax highlightingTag foldingAutocomplete using schemaXPath searchXML diff/mergePayment modelFull-featured free trial period
Adobe FrameMaker2019YesProprietaryStandaloneYesNoNoYesYesYesYes?YesYesYesYes?Yes
Altova XMLSpy2020YesProprietaryStandalone
Eclipse Plugin, Visual Studio Plugin
BaseXcurrentYesOpen SourceStandaloneYesYesYes[2]YesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesvia add-on moduleN/AN/A
CAM Editor2015 (3.2.2)YesOpen SourceStandaloneYesYesYesYesYesYesNo?NoYesNoN/AN/A
2019 (26.3)?GNU GPLEmacs modeYesYesYesYes?NoNo?YesYesYesN/AN/A
MadCap Flare2019YesProprietaryStandaloneYesNoNoYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesNoYesPerpetual and SubscriptionYes
Liquid XML Studio2020 (18.0.4)YesProprietaryStandalone + Visual Studio PluginYesNoNoYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYes?Yes
Oxygen XML Editor2020 (22.0)YesProprietaryStandalone + Eclipse Plugin[3]Web-AppYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes?30 days
Quark Author Web Edition on Quark Publishing Platform2014 (10.5)YesProprietaryWeb-AppYesYesYesNoSections OnlyYesYes?NoNoNo?N/A
Stylus Studio2014 (X15 R2)YesProprietaryStandaloneYesNoNoYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYes?Yes
XeditorApril 2020 (6.4)YesProprietaryWeb-appYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesSubscriptionYes
Xerlin2005 (1.3)NoOpen SourceStandaloneYesYesYes????????N/A?
XMetaL2018 (13.0)YesProprietaryStandaloneYesNoNoYesNoYesYesNoYesYesNoYesNo?Yes
XML Notepad2020 ( Public LicenseStandaloneYesNoNoYesYesYes????Yes?Yes

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Spring Tools Suite and Eclipse have a variety of built-in and free plugins matching or exceeding the quality of the paid versions. They come with a content assist tool that completes tags and can search for classes in any java classpath. They also include validation, bean creation, and commit tools.

A plugin for Notepad++ named XML Tools is available.[4] It contains many features including manual/automatic validation using both DTDs and XSDs, XPath evaluation, auto-completion, pretty print, and text conversion in addition to being able to work on multiple files at once. Other tools are available to edit XHTML.


  1. ^Plugin version
  2. ^Also BSD
  3. ^Older Eclipse plugin versions work in current (Indigo) Eclipse.
  4. ^https://sourceforge.net/projects/npp-plugins/files/XML%20Tools/Xml%20Tools%202.4.2%20r1057%20Unicode/

Further reading[edit]

Xml editors for mac windows 10
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Are you looking for an editor that’s beyond the standard editor regarding features and functions? The truth is, even if you spend a month on the internet trying to find the best editor. You will never find even a one-size-fits-all solution.

Xml Editors For Mac Windows 10


However, there are bad programs on the web too, and even the default text editor won’t work in your favor. In the end, you might want to consider a few options. Below is a list of recommended software solution for XML lovers.


XML Writer

XML writer is easy to use. Hundreds of thousands of developers have written positive responses about the software, saying that XML software is far more powerful than many of the paid solutions on the internet. In fact, the software does what you need, and it is the cheapest tool for writing XML files.


Xml editors for mac download

Editix software is for Unix and Linux Operating Systems. It does not need an installer; you only need to run it after download. However, you computer must have Java Virtual Machine version 7 or above to run this XML editor. The robust software guarantees flexibility and excellent productivity. Download it for free to get started.

XML Notepad 2007

XML Notepad 2007 features unlimited undo and redo for all your editing operation. The tree view of synchronized with Node Text View makes it possible to edit any node and value. Also, it supports cut, copy and paste functions. XML Notepad 2007 supports multi-line editing. Also, it features full find and replace functions.

First Object

Use First Object for high-performance text editing, XML indexing and print previews. The software not only loads big files but also enables Unicode character encoding function and C++ code generation. It comes with a fully editable and navigable tree view and it is best for those who are handling big XML files.

Oxygen XML

Although Oxygen XML has a 30-day trial period, you might find it worth buying in the end because it is a powerful XML editor. Oxygen XML is not only cross -platform, but also it does the best job for anyone who’s experienced in writing XML. Also, beginners in XML and XHTML will find this tool useful for writing their projects.

XML BluePrint

XML Blueprint is a great solution for those who would like to write XML files on Windows, except the developer only gives you 15 days free trial, and you have to buy the software afterward. The installation requirements include 64MB RAM, 200 MB disk space, and a 32 or 64-bits Windows Operating System.

Xml Formatter Tool For Mac

XML Cook Top

Developed to support XPATH testing, customizable code bits library and small footprint, XML Cook Top is a perfect tool for full-time XML writers. Also, the Windows application not only allows XML formatting via Tidy, but also it is free for a lifetime. You can also use XML Cook Top for style sheet testing.

Edit XML

So, what makes Edit XML different from other programs? The developer calls it the simplest solution to write XML files, reviews say it is solid software and many developers praise it because of its simplicity. You will not only be able to write your XML quicker, but also you will edit efficiently.

Liquid XML Studio


Even if you are new to writing XML, you will find Liquid XML Studio easy to use. Whether you have a simple XML file to edit, or you are writing a complex XML schema; this software will help you to not only write swiftly and accurately but also help you deliver the best results.

Other XML Editor Software for Different Platforms

The best software for writing XML files must not only be unique but also have features that make it relatively easy to use. There must never be a tool only for the experts, for a computer program that targets only experienced developers is not a good solution at all. Here is a list of software for other platforms that you might find useful.

XML Editor for Mac OS X – Ximplify XML Editor

Xml editor that works

If you are using Mac OS X for your projects, you might want to consider the best XML editors. With so many tools on the internet, both free and paid, it might be challenging to fish out the best. However, the best ones include Ximplify XML Editor. It is a new software, but very powerful for writing XML files.

XML Editor for Linux OS – K XML Editor

Although people use the standard gedid editor to write their XML files, K XML Editor is by far the best choice for those who are looking for flexibility. Also, if you prefer something other than the default, you are going to find this software quite useful. K XML Editor is free to download from Source Forge. You might also want to try Bluefish.

XML Editor for Windows OS – Altova

Altova is the best new XML Editor for Windows Operating System. Features include HTML and CSS editing, SQL Database Integration, support for Java and COM APIs, and intelligent XML editing tools. If you are looking for a tool that guarantees performance, Altova will do the job for you.

Most Popular XML Editor for 2016 – Exchanger XML

Exchanger XML is easy to use. Besides being the most comprehensive tool for writing XML codes, it also doubles as one of the best XML editors of all time. The Editor is a Java Based product; it comes with cool features that make writing, editing and viewing your XML file easy.

Many developers have ranked Exchanger XML at the top of the list of the top ten XML editors of 2016. The whole idea of developing this tool was to give you a tool that would make writing XML codes fun. In fact, you are not only able to write and view your code, but also you can edit them with easy and faster with Exchanger XML.

What is XML Editor Software?

XML Editors are unique software solutions developed to help programmers write and edit XML. Although the standard editor is a good solution for writing and viewing XML codes, developers often want advanced tools to make their work easier. According to many developers, sometimes the default text editor does not quite do a great job.

For example, new text editors allow you to know how many lines of codes your program has. Moreover, you can edit your code on the go without spending so much time trying to look for the row to edit. Additional features include tag completion, menus, and buttons. All these make writing XML easy and fun.

How to Install XML Editor Software

The installation instructions depend on your operating system. For example, the installation instructions for Mac computers are different for Windows Operating System. However, you can always follow the instructions on your screen to install the executable file, and start writing your XML codes.

Benefits of XML Editor Software

Perhaps the best advantage of the best XML editors is that it guarantees the best results. Great results equal to happy users; you can now focus more on your field of an expert rather than code structuring. Each solution is friendly, easy to use and clean. There are much more XML editors online today. Therefore, choosing what you can work with should not be difficult at all.

The modern software helps you to give your code the best structure and unique readability. In fact, you do not have to worry about how your code will look like in the end because the best XML software will help you do the best job in the end. Even more impressive is the fact that you can download the software for free.

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